Freshly Squeezed performs the following services

Freshly Squeezed has been successfully servicing the community of 6,000 Zumex juicer owners since 2007. We have technicians who can answer any question and troubleshoot any problem. We carry spare parts for both the simplest and most difficult of repairs. 95% of all service calls can be easily handled on the phone. We deliver, overnight, 2 day air, and regular mail parts to all of our clients no matter the size or weight of part. When more complicated repairs are needed done, we have techs that can come by, or your equipment can be picked up or shipped to us for in-house warranty repairs. Whenever equipment is sent to us, we warranty the entire piece of equipment for 1 year after refurbishing and repair.

We know that a down juicer is lost profit and lost image. Call us and experience the difference! 1-864-TO-ZUMEX

Our staff always has their finger on the pulse as to what is making money and what is not in the juicing industry. We have clients and connections with other partner organizations coast to coast. You would be quite surprised what is brewing in the least likely of places. We also work with bottling manufacturers, produce companies, advertising designers, and lots of other businesses in connection with juice bars and juice. We are a wealth of knowledge for both a new start-up as well as any company who has been around for years.

Finally, we buy used juicers. We sell refurbished juicers with warranty. We trade juicers of our own manufacturers as well as other manufacturers. We trade up juicers. We trade down juicers. We can share design and juice bar layout ideas. And lots more. Just give us a call! 1-864-TO-ZUMEX

Acceptance Of The Goods. Return Policy. Damage In Transit Claims Procedure

These are the steps that need to take place anytime you receive equipment from us:
1. Upon arrival of your Machine (before the driver leaves) you must inspect that the outside packaging & pallet have no damages or show sign of wear & tear.

2. If there is any sign of damage or wear & tear you must IMMEDIATELY advise the driver that you must take pictures of the package before he leaves. Make sure that in the picture you can see the truck in which the machine was delivered, that way we have proof that the picture is only showing what was received and in the conditions it was received in.

3. Before signing the proof of delivery you must make a note on it stating the damages on the packaging (for example: Box dented on left side, pallet bent on right corner etc) and then have the driver sign the proof of delivery acknowledging that the packaging in deed is damaged.

4. Now you must open the packaging and inspect the machine itself. If the machine is also damaged in any way you must take pictures of the damages as well.


6. You must contact Freshly Squeezed 864-869-8639 immediately and send us all documentation requested within a 24 hour period after delivery of the merchandise. (With the exception of Weekends & Legal Holidays)

7. All claims need to be emailed to Once you had sent the email, call our office at 864-869-8639 to receive an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization number) or arrange sending the parts to replace the damaged ones.

Documentation needed to file a Claim
1. Pictures of damaged or show of wear & tear of packaging or pallet
2. Pictures of damage/s on Actual Machine
3. Proof of delivery with description of damage/s signed by both Driver & Receiver.


All sales are final. Exchanges for defective products only. Customers must contact Freshly Squeezed within 10 days after receiving a defective product and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Freshly Squeezed will determine if the equipment can be repaired on the spot or an exchange is needed. RMA is issued within 5 business days.



All new products are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty , which varies with different manufacturers, and not separately warrantied by Freshly Squeezed, except for certain refurbished products. We will be happy to help you with any warranty problems that occur. You may need to return equipment to us at your expense to have warranty service done. We can also help you get repair parts at no charge during the warranty period if you do your own work.
Return shipping instructions will be provided.