Cold Drink Dispensers


Creativity, enthusiasm and courage have always been the heritage of this company which has spent the last 65 years looking to the future, turning market requirements into successful products.  Ugolini (Italy) products stand out due to the ease of use, reliability and beautiful innovative design.

Ugolini does not consider design as mere aesthetic research, but believes that it should be the development of thinking based on precise decisions. The shape of the products must be linked to the technological innovations they contain and to the period, preferences and culture that has created them. In the certainty that today, the image of a product is essential, in recent years, Ugolini has included staff members dedicated to design and graphics in its team, in order to encourage an evolution of its machines, creating contamination with fields that are particularly attentive to any form of innovation. The intention is to provide its customers with a consultancy service for any customization.


Arctic Deluxe

Arctic Compact