We at Freshly Squeezed are convinced that seeing is believing, so we came up with both in-house financing programs as well as rental programs to give businesses of every size who thrive in every season the opportunity to make money offering fresh squeezed juices.

If you qualify, we will finance any of our used or new juicers for up to 12 months on our lease/purchase program. The only thing that varies is the size of your deposit which depends on a couple factors: length of time in business, size of business, location, and term of the lease. Nearly everybody can qualify. Call us to find out how.

Our rental program is a fantastic option for seasonal juicer needs, for businesses on a tighter budget, or for the business owner who isn’t really 100% convinced that juicing will make them money or gain them a happier or more loyal patronage. So try it. We offer juicers any time of year for a minimum of 5 months rental. That should give you enough time to figure out your juicing concept without risking too much, voolah! Call us 1-864-TO-ZUMEX and find out how easy it is. 90% of our clients who rent go on to purchase the machine they are renting or switch it out to purchase or lease/purchase a new unit.