Overflow Filler



Overflow Filler



The Benchmark for Overflow Technology

Common Applications

Household & Industrial • Bottled Water & Still Beverages • Food Products & Sauces •  Agricultural Products

Built in Expandability

Modular components (infeed and outfeed manifolds, tubing and nozzles) allow the operator to expand capacity in the field without a service call. The system can be expanded from 4 to 16 filling heads. Manifolds are built to 3A sanitary standards for cleanability.

Multistage Filling

As part of each product’s filling profile, the filler’s powerful PLC can be programmed to run the pump’s filling cycle in 3 sequential stages: slower initial stage to reduce foam creation, faster second stage for a speedier fill, and dwell final stage (pump off) to allow container depressurization and circulation of foam back to the product or surge tank.

How it Works

When the nozzle is fully seated in the container the bottle seal creates a ‘closed’ fluid system. The nozzle is a tube within a tube with product flowing into the bottle through the inner tube. Once the container fills up to the target fill level, excess product (overflow) and foam is redirected through the outer (return) tube back to the supply vessel.

*Even unskilled operators will get a perfect fill every time.

Standard Features:

  •  Constructed of 2” tubular stainless steel for full washdown capability
  •  Filler open frame design allows for ease of maintenance access and ease  of cleaning
  • Touchscreen control panel with PLC stores up to 50 filling cycle setup parameters for recall
  • Automatic drip tray included as standard to protect bottles from nozzle product dripping
  • Automatic conveyor mounted bottle indexing gates to control container movement
  • No tools required nozzle mounts
  • No tools required multi axis bottle indexing gates for positive container control
  • Electric bottle counter records number of filling cycles completed
  • No bottle / No Fill (suspend operation) • Downstream Backup / No Fill (suspend operation)
  • 30 Day Unconditional Performance Guarantee, 5 year limited warranty

Variety of Pump, Process Surge Tank and Nozzle Options

A wide variety of high quality pump, Process Surge tank and nozzle options are available for your application. Your applications engineer will recommend the best pump for your range of products.