Zummo Mobile Juice Bar

Zummo Z11 Big Orange Mobile Juice Bar Kiosk


User Manual (pdf)

Zummo “Big Orange” mobile juice bar kiosk is a perfect point of sale to draw customers’ attention. Its bright colors and unusual shape make it a truly original and attractive way to offer all kinds of fresh squeezed juices along with other food and products. The kiosk can be equipped with any configuration of the juicers we offer. The unique feature of this model is the upper part opening completely allowing the 360 degree view for the operator and the costomers.

The Zummo Big Orange is perfect for Shows, Shopping Malls, Beaches, and Public Events with its easy setup giving you a customer-friendly, instant mobile profit center. It is ideal for small retail outlets.

If your place of business consists of kiosks, mobile trailers, stands or stations, then our Mobile Juice Bar in the form of an orange may be ideal for you to attract customers and stand out from the competition. It is a mobile business in itself! It is the ideal way to service a small to medium sized audience.

This kiosk is a completely autonomous and easily accessible mobile juicing station.

Special features:

    • Attractive and functional design in the shape of an orange, made of fiberglass
    • Specious interior to install other electrical equipment such as
      refrigerator, ice maker, blender, etc with a 360 degree view for the operator and customers
    • Suitable for any countertop or free standing juicers
    • Fully equipped with:
      • electrical connection, water inlet and drain
      • Stainless steel counter and sink
      • Water reservoirs with electric pump
      • Drain located in the middle of the kiosk floor for better interior cleanliness
      • Side access door with lock
      • Shelf for the light weight products in the upper part of the sphere.
      • Electrical outlets and 4 interior lights to add visual appeal
      • opening system for the top part by means of hydraulic bars with safety system
      • 4 wheels (2 with brakes), 2 handles and an eyebolt to steer
        and move easily

Best used for :
Shopping malls, open air sales, promotions, fairs, etc.

Technical characteristics

Material Fiberglass
Feeder Capacity Depends on the machine installed
Counter 16”
Clean water recipient capacity 7 gal
Residual water recipient capacity 22 gal
Fruit diameter Up to 81 mm
Weight 824 lb
Total installation max. power 3.3 Kw
Height 110” (open)/ 92” (closed)
Width 89”
Depth 89”
Voltage 110 V