Zumex 450 Industrial Line

Industrial Line


Citrus & Pomegranates Industrial Line



Zumex 450 juice extractor is the main part of an industrial line for manufacturing fresh citrus and pomegranate juices. The fruit, after being previously sanitized and sorted, is fed to the extraction heads. Depending on the type of oranges being juiced, different juice textures will be produced: high/medium/low pulp. The extracted waste products, such as rinds, pulp and seeds, are sent directly to the waste containers.

The Citrus Z450 is a “Plug and Play” system which includes: hopper, bucket elevator, belt conveyor feeder, squeezing head, peels trash bin and control panel.


Citrus Z450 comes with one (1) squeezing kit.  There are three different kits available to choose from:

– Kit 9 cavities (55 to 70 mm diameter) small fruit

– Kit 8 cavities (70 to 85 mm diameter) medium fruit (standard)

– Kit 7 cavities (85 to 100 mm diameter) large fruit


Kit 9 would have an approx. yield production of 95.3 US Gallons (360 liters) / hr. per line;

Kit 7 would have an approx. yield production of 247.17 US Gallons (935.6 liters) / hr. per line.

The maximum production will be with bigger/larger fruit.

You can vary the elevator speed to adjust the feeding of fruit to the squeezing speed (a variable speed drive is included in control panel)



Technical characteristics

Motor 3-phase 2.5 HP
Power 380 V 50-60 Hz
Production, litres/hr 400 – 500 depending on the fruit diameter
Height 82.5”
Length 95.6”
Width 48.8”
Fruit diameter Variable
Weight 880 lb
Safety Sensor system
Whopper volume Varies on demand