Bottle Capping Machine



Bottle Capping Machine



Increase your profits with 21st Century Capping Technology

Common Applications

Household & Industrial • Bottled Water & Still Beverages • Food Products & Sauces •  Agricultural Products

Intelligent Container Control reduces production downtime and energy use

  • On Demand operation: Capper operation begins only when containers are entering the capping zone reducing wear.
  • Downstream backup detection: When downstream obstructions are present, capping operations are suspended.
  • Cap chute full: Sorters suspend operation when cap chute is full

Advanced Design dramatically reduces Set-up and Changeover time

  • Single knob cap width adjustment: Simply turn one knob to adjust for different cap sizes.
  • Single knob cap chute width adjustment: Simply turn one knob to adjust for different cap sizes.
  • Tool-less design: Changeovers can be accomplished without tools.


Standard Features:

  • Programmable Cap Tightening
    • Our technology allows for flexibility of cap contact time which is especially useful on large cap diameters
    • Old technology allows for only intermittent contact of the cap tightening surface with the cap
  • Cap Tightening Belts Reduce Maintenance
    • Our belts can be replaced or rotated by hand within minutes’ to reset torque simply turn the cap width knob!
    • Old technology cappers use expensive multiple rubber disks that wear unevenly and require disassembly with tools
  • Up to 50% fewer drive parts for increased reliability and reduced maintenance
    • Our simple, revolutionary design uses two maintenance free AC direct drive motors for bottle gripping and two DC direct drive motors for cap tightening
    • Old technology cappers use up to eight expensive and failure prone right angle gear boxes driven by a bicycle chain
  • “User Friendly” computer control with VDU
    • Our capper uses a color touchscreen interface for system status information and all operating parameters
    • Old technology cappers have no operator feedback capability
  • Power bottle height adjustment
    • Single adjustment allows for quick 1 person height changes
    • Installs over most existing conveyors
  • Stainless steel construction is standard
    • Higher quality materials require less maintenance
  •  Filler open frame design allows for ease of maintenance access and ease  of cleaning
  • Touchscreen control panel with PLC stores up to 50 filling cycle setup parameters for recall
  • Automatic drip tray included as standard to protect bottles from nozzle product dripping
  • Automatic conveyor mounted bottle indexing gates to control container movement
  • No tools required nozzle mounts
  • No tools required multi axis bottle indexing gates for positive container control
  • Electric bottle counter records number of filling cycles completed
  • No bottle / No Fill (suspend operation) • Downstream Backup / No Fill (suspend operation)
  • 30 Day Unconditional Performance Guarantee, 5 year limited warranty

Cap Feeder Options

  • Vibratory Sorter
  • Bulk Elevator Feeder
  • Centrifugal Sorter