Gift Certificates available in time for the holidays!

Freshly Squeezed gift certificates are now available for the holiday season!  Give your favorite juicer the gift to indulge in all of their juicing needs.  They are available in all denominations and can be used to purchase anything in our store including centrifugal juicers, citrus juicers, cold press juicers, restaurant equipment, and parts.

Contact us today to learn more: mikek@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com

“Scary” Low Deals on Juicing Equipment

 Check out or Halloween update with brand new “SCARY” low deals on juicing equipment.

We have great deals on all kinds of machines including:

Citrus Juicers: Zummo, Zumex, Frucosol, and Zumoval
Cold Press Juicers: Industrial models: Pressed Rite 25, FS-20, Goodnature X-1 and smaller Somatic and Zumonat Machines
Vegetable and Specialty Juicers: Zumex Multifruit, Zummo Z-22, FS-Sugar and much more.

See our complete list here

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Freshly Squeezed in New Orleans and Michigan this week


Freshly Squeezed will be at both the PMA show in New Orleans and the Michigan Restaurant show in Novi. Don’t miss out!


If you plan on attending the show please contact MikeK@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com and we will have a packet specifically for you!

PMA Fresh Summit
October 19-21, 2017
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, LA
Booth 3927

Michigan Restaurant Show
October 17-18, 2017
Suburban Collection Showplace
Novi, MI
Booth 323

The September Newsletter is here!

The September Newsletter is here!

In this months Newsletter:

  • Great accessories to update your juicer
  • Need service?  Contact us today!
  • Sell or Trade your used equipment.
  • New Product: Commercial Shrimp Peelers
  • Great deals on pre-owned equipment.

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Get the most out of your Juicer!

Want to get the most out of your juicer? We carry accessories to bring your machine to the next level!

* New Zummo Juicing Kits that are more durable with greater yields.
* Don’t let a dull blade kill your centrifugal juicer’s productivity! Ask about our blade sharpening programs or get a great deal on a new blade.
* Ask our team about recommended spare parts you should keep available at all times.

Talk to one of our experts today and maximize the potential of your juicer!


August Used Machine List – Up to 50% Off!

Check out our used machine list updated for August and catch deals up to 50% off!

We have machines ranging from large commercial cold presses like the FS-60 to smaller Zummo Citrus machines like the Z08 to centrifugal juicers like the Zumex Multrifruit. We even have have ITV ice machines, restaurant equipment and refrigeration equipment available at unbeatable prices.

See the full list HERE.

Contact us today to get a great deal info@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com

Juice Bars – Get in the Smoothie Game!

Smoothies are the new craze in the juice bar industry with over $5 billion in sales a year according to Technomic.  Customers are moving towards smoothies because of their great taste, available variety, and health benefits.  For business this can be an easy way to make profits and bring more people to your business.

The benefits of a healthy smoothie are many.

Weight loss:  As part of a weight loss program they can provide a healthy alternative with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs.
Improved digestion: Being that the food is already blended it eases the burden on your digestive system.  It is also a great source of dietary fiber!  Tip: Add apples or pears which contain significant fiber which improves digestion.  

Improve your immune system: Add broccoli or Brussels sprouts which are known to have immunity boosting properties.

Great for a Workout: Get all the nutrients your body needs for a workout, and help your body recover and rebuild afterwards.  Tip: Add beets which have nitrates that are thought to improve athletic performance. 

Great for your skin and hair: Provides all the vitamins your body needs for healthier hair and skin.  Tip: Add spinach to help fight wrinkles and remove dead skin.

Detox: Adding kale can add detox properties to remove the harmful chemicals you are exposed to daily.

Better Sleep, more energy! – Studies show that by improving your health results in better sleep and more energy through the day.

Getting in the smoothie business is easy and does not take much training.  You do however; need a high power blender to ensure the highest quality product.  We recommend the Blendtec Stealth.


Contact our experts at info@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com if you would like more information or suggestions on how to bring smoothies to your product line.

Great Prices on Used Cold Press Stock

Customers are looking more and more for cold press juice because of the higher nutritional content that is not lost from heat or grinding with other juicing methods.   Ready to meet your customer’s demands,  but not ready for the investment of a new cold press?  Save big money with a Certified Pre-Owned Cold Press Juicer! We currently have many models in stock to fit almost any business size.

We currently have re-manufactured Pressed Right 200 and 300 machines as well as pre-owned FS-20, PR-25S and Goodnature X-1 machines available.

Talk to one of our representatives to find the cold press for your business info@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com.

Interested in other quality Pre-Owned equipment?  We also carry citrus juicer, refrigeration equipment and restaurant equipment.  


What is new in July?

Our July Newsletter is here!

Beat the heat, learn what’s new from Freshly Squeezed, and check out our great deals!

In this month’s newsletter:
-Distance yourself from the competition with our new line of PET bottles!
Sammic vacuum packers now 20% off!
-Freshly Squeezed takes on Texas
-Certified Pre-Owned Juicing Equipment 10-40% Off

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Juicing limes and grapefruits just became easier!

Interested in expanding the citrus juice choices that you serve? Want to add grapefruit juice or lime juice to your menu but your current juicer can only handle oranges?

Watch the Zummo Z-40 get the job done!

Learn more about the Zummo Series and the opportunities to juice a wide variety of juice!
Zummo Z-40
Zummo Z-14
Zummo Z-06

Freshly Squeezed June Newsletter

Get ready for summer with this June edition of our Freshly Squeezed Newsletter:

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Freshly Squeezed at Coffee Fest!

Visit us at the Coffee Fest show in Chicago and see our newest equipment first hand!

Coffee Fest
June 9-11, 2017
Navy Peer • CHICAGO, IL
Booth 912

We will have our Wega Coffee equipment and EasySpresso equipment on display as well as our Zummo juicing equipment (Z1, Z14 models), Juice Chillers, Vegetable Juicers (Zummo Z22, Nutrifaster N450) and much, much more!

Talk to one of our consultants and learn the benefits and our options available for adding fresh juice to your menu.

*Contact us if you plan on attending and we will have a packet tailored specifically for your needs when you arrive. 

Updated: Used Juicing Equipment at Great Prices

Looking for great juicing and restaurant equipment but are not ready to buy new?  Try out these great Certified Pre-Owned machines.

All used Zummo and Zumex juicers are fully refurbished by us and come with a 90 day warranty

Contact us for more information, pricing or pictures at info@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com.

Ask us about our 12 month lease to own with 0% financing!

Zummo – Citrus Juicers

Zummo Z08 – 45% Off

Zumex – Citrus Juicers

Zumex Speed Self Service Countertop- 40% Off
Zumex Speed Pro Tank Podium – 5%-40% off (2 available)
Zumex Speed Basic Cooler Tank Podium – 40% off
Zumex Speed Basic – 40 to 50% Off (2 available)
Zumex Speed Digital Tank Podium
Zumex Speed Cooler Podium
Zumex Essential Pro – 25%-30% Off (3 available)
Zumex Essential Pro Self Service – 40% Off
Zumex Versatile Digital – 40% Off (3 available)
Zumex Versatile Basic- 40% Off (5 available)
Zumex Versatile Pro with Podium – 40% Off
Zumex Versatile Digital with Podium – 40% Off (1 available)
Zumex Versatile Basic with Podium

Centrifugal Juicers

Zumex Multifruit – 25% Off (5 available)
Sammic ECP

Cold Press Juicers

Goodnature X-1
Pressed Right PR-20

Other Equipment
Sammic CA 401 – 30% off
Sammic CA 301 – 30% off
Sammic CK 301 – 20% off
Infrico Air Curtain (2 available in different sizes 20% Off)
Blendtec Q Series Blender
Capriagiana – 2 bowl Juice Chiller
Sencotel – FS-Ice open box (2 available)

Visit us at the NRA show in Chicago!

NRA Show
MAY 20-23, 2017
Booth 7948

Visit us at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago and see our newest equipment first hand!

*Contact us if you plan on attending and we will have a packet tailored specifically for your needs when you arrive. 

This year we have many new surprises: 

  • New features for the Zummo Z40 and C840C
    • Zummo juicers are the best automatic citrus juicers in the market in terms of taste and yield (See comparison video here). We will be showcasing the Zummo Z840C and the Z40 at the show which can juice up to 40 fruits per minute!  We will also be unveiling a few surprise new features of these machines at the show.
  • Fully functional Apiqe Alkaline, R/O, and sparkeling water machine on display
    • Taste the difference for yourself!  Water has never tasted this good and don’t forget about all of the health benefits that Alkaline and R/O water has to offer!
  • FS-Egg Cracking Machine
    • Crack up to 20,000 eggs in one hour!  If you use 30 dozen eggs a day, ask us how the FS-Egg Cracking Machine pays for itself in a year through labor and liquid savings.
  • Industrial Level Cold Press for your Countertop
    • 8.5 gallons of fresh cold press juice in under an hour and still fits on your countertop!Perfect for Juice Bars, “To Order” Juice Operations, Produce Markets and Restaurants!Learn more about the FS 8.5
  • Want to automate your juicing operation?  Ask about our Capping, Labeling, and Filing machines.  
  • We also excited to announce lots of new exciting food preparation equipment for Sammic!

See us at the show.

The May Newsletter is Here!

In this May edition you will find:

– Information on our biggest trade show of the year – The NRA show in Chicago!

– The many surprises to be unveiled at the show, including exciting updates to the Zummo Z40

– A new variable speed, more powerful food processor from Sammic!

– An updated list of our previously owned machines.  10-40% off!

See the full newsletter HERE

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Cold Press Juice – The New Cornerstone of NBA Success

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the oldest teams in the NBA that has somehow managed to fight for championships year after year in a game that emphasis young talent.    Somehow, despite having one of the older rosters in the league the Spurs rank first with the least games missed to injury.

Their secret may finally be out of the bag!  The answer may just be cold pressed juice.

Spurs staff creates special cold-press drinks for their players to help with fatigue and the injury process.  Kawhi Leonard, who is currently having an MVP caliber season, has a custom juice made by Spurs staff named “Kawhi-Zilla”.  The drink includes flavors including strawberry, lemon and chia seed.  LaMarcus Aldridge, a perennial all-star has a concoction of including pineapple, orange, strawberry and spinach.

Aldridge, a perennial all-star, who came over from the TrailBlazers two years ago says his former team, “did some things for extra nutrition, but we didn’t do the whole cold-pressed juice thing like this.”  The advantage of cold-press juice when compared to centrifugal juicers is that cold press juicers maintain much more of the essential nutrients.  This is because cold-press juicers don’t use heat or blades which destroy the essential nutrients of the juice, but instead use pressure which maintains the integrity of these essential nutrients.

It is easy to see how the Spurs use cold-press juice as a first line of defense against fatigue and injury.  Point guard Patty Mills says, “It’s nutrients, veggies, fruits, you know, to replenish what you’ve spent out on the court.”

Get with the trend with our newest and smallest cold-press juicer, the FS 8.5 Countertop Juicer which makes cold-press juice easier then ever!  Call (1-800-997-5352) or e-mail (info@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com) us to learn more!

Source: ESPN – http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/page/presents19295594/nba-playoffs-2017-san-antonio-spurs-made-100-percent-juice

*NEW* Variable Speed Food Processor

The CA-401 VV by Sammic

Sammic’s vegetable CA-401 food processor is already one of the most reliable food processors on the market, now the CA-401 adds a new level of power, and variable speeds for a variety of products.

With all of these great *NEW* features:
Twice the horsepower (3HP)
Tighter Cut
Last Longer
Multiple Speeds for Different Products!

Learn more about the CA-401 VV today!


April’s Newsletter is Here!

In this months newsletter you will find:

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Read our March Newsletter Today!


Read our March Newsletter Today!

Read the full article here.

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New Trends in Juicing


To succeed in the juicing industry it is a must to be aware of the newest juicing trends to gain incite on your customers, and how you can adjust to improve sales. Here the Freshly Squeezed shortlist of important trends to be aware of:

1) Unmixed-variety-specific juicing concoctions a big hit in Europe.
In Germany over 25% of respondents over 16 said they purchased juice made from specific fruit varieties, because of the perception they are buying high quality products with a traceable source. For example Amecke has a “My Favorite Apple” line which includes unmixed varieties of Golden Delicious and Cripps Pinks apple juices.

2) Juicing carrots? Your leftovers may be the next big fiber!
Scientist at Brandies University have found that dried carrot pomace – the pulp left after juicing the vegetable could be used as a fiber in food production. Studies show that it provided the benefits of fiber without common problems, like indigestion.

3) “Homemade” and creative mixes are bringing new sales
“Beverages carrying the title “homemade” increased 15 percent on limited-service restaurant menus during the 12 months that ended in November, according to market research firm Datassential. The growth in these drinks since 2012 is 46 percent.”

4) 3 trends to watch in the 100% juice market
Favorite tastes are always changing from year to year as well as a greater consumer knowledge of the roll and source of sugar in products. How can juicers adjust their strategy? 

Want to get started in the juicing business or just have questions on how to increase your current profits?  Talk to our experts today for a free juicing consultation.

Phone: 1-800-997-5352
Email: info@drinkfreshlysqueezed.com