Smart Degreaser

The Smart Degreaser

The Smart Degreaser is a decarbonizer tank made out of stainless steel which doesn’t require much to use.  The only thing you have to do is fill the tank with water, close it, plug it, turn it on and when water reaches 160F, add the detergent and the pots and pans as well as any other kitchen tool that requires removal of soil and grease.  This same water and detergent is good for a whole month.

This decarbonizer / degreaser tank will finish with the hard job of scrubbing and removing the grease and soil (carbon) from all your kitchen tools (filters, trays, frying pans, grills and more). In every kitchen, an Executive Chef will have someone working in a sink with hot water, scourers and dishwashers once or twice a day.