Zummo ZV25 OJ Vending

Zummo ZV25 Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine




The launch of the Zummo Vending ZV25 offers more customers the opportunity to enjoy top quality freshly-squeezed orange juice whenever and wherever they like.

Thanks to its compact size, ZV25 is ideally suited not only for large establishments like shopping centers, sports facilities, airports, hospitals, universities, but also for for small and medium sized ones which want to offer their customers and staff an automated supply of chilled, freshly squeezed orange juice.



Z14 JUICER mounted on the tray with guides to make handling and extraction simpler.


JUICE COLLECTION COMPARTMENT with automatic window block after glass has been removed.

INFORMATION DISPLAY shows the status of the machine:

• Alphanumerical system with illuminated icons.
• Selection of 8 languages.
• Service counter.
• Service price programmer.
• Orange counter.
• Information of accumulated credit shows at all times.
• Information regarding the type of failure.

COOLING SYSTEM – compact and easy to remove cooling system makes replacement and repair very simple; rear buffers insure that the system is correctly ventilated.

ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE. Refrigeration system keeps the interior of the machine cold, including waste peel to avoid attracting insects.

AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING PROGRAM set according to the number of juices served or time elapsed. Connection for direct inlet for mains drinking water.


PAYMENT SYSTEM AREA SEPARATE FROM PROGRAMMING AREA with both areas in water sealed compartments


OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Side film wrapping to make the unit more attractive; set of 4 wheels for better maneuverability; autonomous kit; drainage kit, security kit, communication kit

BEST USED FOR: Captive and public vending indoors (companies, schools, hospitals, etc.)



Technical characteristics

Voltage 110V-60Hz
Absorbed Power 706W
Weight 496 lb
Feeder Capacity 55 lb
Autonomy 50-55 portions
Time required for each portion 20-26 seconds
Fruit Diameter 2 1/6” – 3 1/2 “
Cup Dispenser 115 cups (5-7 ½ oz)
90 cups (8 ½ oz)
Cooling Fluid R134A
Water Pressure Inlet 6 bar
Dimensions 72 1/2” x 26 3/4” x 27 1/2”
Wheel System optional
Side stickers Available to order
Safety Mechanism General Fuse. Thermal protection for juicer motor. Sensor to detect incorrect position of juicing tray. Door sensor. Stops all mechanisms when door is opened.