Zumex Speed Cooler Pdm

Zumex Speed Cooler Podium


Free Standing Speed Podium Juicer

Professional juicer with podium, a juice cooling unit, a kit for filling bottles, and an automatic juice dosing system with 33 lb feeder capacity. The rate of extraction is 38 fruits per minute.

Productivity of juicer is 2.5 Lt of the freshly squeezed juice per min. The rind is automatically deposited into a removable tray at the bottom of the podium.

Integrated chiller unit automatically maintains programmed temperature. Level of the juice in the tank is regulated by the adjustable optical censor and juicing process is initiated by an automatic level detector. It is operated by a dosing button on the chiller unit.

Special features:

  • Anti Drip tap for self service
  • Integrated juice tray with double filter
  • Large Capacity Waste bin
  • Cooler unit with temperature regulation and a 2 Gal. tank, with level detector and anti-drip tap
  • Stainless steel podium with wheels and a large-capacity waste bucket
  • This model can be used not only for oranges and other citrus fruits but also for pomegranates

Use when demand for juice is :

Best used for :
High volume juice bars, deli’s, café and large supermarkets with sales attendants

Available accessories : Squeezing kit D-65;  Zumex display


Technical characteristics

Production 38 fruits/min
Feeder Capacity 33 lb
Fruit Diameter Up to 81 mm.
Height 72”
Width 26”
Depth 29”
Weight 115 lb
Safety Double magnetic safety detector. Electronic motor protection.
Jar Capacity 2 Gl
Fruit Counter
Operation Dosing button on the cooler
Podium/Tank +
Motor Single Phase
Power 600 W
Voltage 115 V/60 Hz.
Antihumidity Protection IP-X4
Available finishes Orange