FS – Egg Cracking Machine

logo_textFS – Egg Cracking Machine


Fresh Eggs are Best & Cost Less!

If you use 30 dozen eggs a day, the FS-Egg Cracking Machine pays for itself in a year through labor and liquid savings.

  • Cracks – Extracts – Blends
  • One Case USDA Graded Eggs every 60 seconds w/ 100% liquid extraction
  • Dramatically cuts labor costs
  • Easy to Use – Easy to Clean
The Top Exterior Housing Constructed of one piece molded polyethlene
Outer Basket Constructed of 18 gauge S/S with 1/8 diameter holes at 1″ intervals vertically, horizontally and offset 1/2″ horizontally.
The Inner Basket: Constructed of 18 gauge S/S that has 3/32″ diameter holes at 3/4″ intervals, vertically and horizontally
Motor 1/2 HP capacitor start, mounted on 4 spring shock absorbers
Overall Size Height with hopper – 42″/ without hopper 21″; Diameter 21″
Machine Opening 10.25″
Discharge Tube 1.5″
Operating Capacity 20,000 eggs per hour
Weight 95 lbs
Warranty One year from date of purchase