Automatic Spot and Wraparound Labeler



Automatic Spot and Wraparound Labeler



Automatic unit puts spot labels on round, square, or rectangular containers or wrap around labels on round containers.

Common Applications

Household & Industrial • Bottled Water & Still Beverages • Food Products & Sauces •  Agricultural Products


Standard Features:

  • Rigid, heavy duty powder coated system framework
  • 6″ wide x 8′ long variable speed Delrin chain conveyor with variable speed drive motor
  • Touchscreen controls with memory settings for all operating parameters
  • Stepper drive label applicator (1600″ per minute max dispense speed)
  • Handles 6″ wide labels
  • Wrapping station (for labels up to 18″ long)
  • NEMA 12 control enclosure
  • Label roll specification: Die cut labels with 1/8″ spacing on a 12″ outer diameter roll (max) with a 3″ inner core

*specifications may vary at the time of the order

Filling Line Integration

This integrates labeler control with all upstream operations; if the labeler detects a backup or out-of-labels condition, the entire line will suspend to avoid pileups and spills often associated with “dumb” labelers.

Utilities and Space Requirements

  • Electric: 110 VAC/1/20 Amps
  • Air: 6 cfm @ 80 psi
  • Clean dry compressed air
  • Dimensions: 97″ L x 52″ W x 56″ H