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Zummo Innovaciones Mecánicas S.A. is a Spanish company that was founded in Valencia in 1992 and specializes in the design and manufacturing of automated citrus juicing machines. Zummo is a well known brand around the world due to its unique squeezing system allowing for the outstanding yield and juice taste. Being present on all five continents, in more than 80 countries and having a branch operation in the USA makes Zummo a prestigeous brand that enjoys worldwide recognition.

Zummo Z1 Zummo Z06 Zummo Z14
Zummo C840C/Z40 Zummo C840C/Z40 Self-Service




Zumex Máquinas y Elementos S.A. was founded in 1985 in Valencia, Spain as an automatic juicer manufacturer. Zumex Company was a pioneer in the automatic juicers industry. Zumex products are sold in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

Zumex Minex Zumex Speed Zumex 450 Industrial Line
Zumex Essential Zumex Speed Self-Service Zumex Multifruit
Zumex Essential Autostart Zumex Speed Self-Service Pdm Zumex Vending Machine
Zumex Versatile Zumex Speed Tank Pdm Zumex Mobile
Zumex Versatile Pdm
Zumex Speed Cooler Pdm



Blendtec is a division of K-TEC Company. The K-TEC Kitchen Mill provided Blendtec the start it needed. Years later as the smoothie revolution was heating up companies turned to Blendtec to develop high performing, durable blenders for commercial use. Blendtec introduced a number of innovations that would change the way the world blends. Some of these ways include the most powerful blenders, electronically controlled blenders, programmable blend cycles, and in-counter motors. You can now see Blendtec blenders, dispensers, and mixers in some of the best restaurants, juice bars, ice-cream parlors and gyms all over the world.
Blendtec EZ Blender Blendtec Spacesaver Blendtec Smoother
Blendtec Q-Series Blendtec ABC




ZumoNat (Spain), is a well-known in Europe manufacturer of the juicing equipment. For more than 15 years on the market, ZumoNat products received recognition among the customers.
ZumoNat hydraulic press is one of the most unique machines among professional juice squeezing equipment on the market today. The machine is capable of quickly and effectively squeeze juice from the largest grapefruits, pomegranates, grapes, melon and many other fruits. ZumoNat is the most versatile, functional and the smallest juicer on the market.



Mario Ugolini was born in Rimini on 27 August 1912 but at the age of five, he moved with his family to Milan. Here, from an early age, he learned to repair the first domestic refrigerators that had just arrived on the Italian market. An ingenious, enthusiastic inventor, 100% self-taught, he applied his inventiveness to creating several prototypes.
In 1946, everything started up again after the long nightmare of war. In that year, Mario Ugolini began his business. He picked up where he had left off, namely as a repairer of domestic refrigerators, opening up a Bosch service workshop. Soon, he had new customers such as Fiat, Electrolux, Siemens and others.
This was in the early 1960s and, for entrepreneurial Ugolini, repairing was not enough. His had a powerful desire to start up real industrial production. The opportunity presented itself when Fiat, which had begun producing “fountains for cooling drinking water” for internal use, become aware that this type of production was too far from its original activities, and decided to outsource it.
A lover of travel and other cultures, Mario Ugolini realised the benefits of creating “drinks chillers” like he had seen in the United States. He created a prototype, presented a model that was not completely ready at the Milan Trade Fair in 1966, and immediately received an order for 100 machines. The reason for such success; his intuition to design the world’s smallest chiller.



For 50 years SAMMIC has been offering customized solutions for our most demanding users in Catering and hotels, Licensed Trade and Food Industries. We are a world leader manufacturer of Quality Ware Washing and Dynamic Food Preparation Equipment.




Nutrifaster Inc is a family owned & operated business that is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles by manufacturing juicers that provide fresh, pure and natural nutrition. The family has been manufacturing commercial juicers in the Seattle, Washington area since 1994, which includes supporting a variety of juicers that have been on the market for approximately 40 years.




Juiced Rite is owned and driven by engineers with dozens of years of experience in design, integration, and implementation of plant-wide commercial food equipment. The company has developed equipment for pressing, mixing, kneading, conveying, baking, panning, de-panning, packaging, refrigeration and all other high volume food production processes. Juiced Rite’s “can do” attitude and engineering experience has resulted in equipment installations worldwide (over 100 countries and counting). In February 2016 Freshly Squeezed was honored to be named the exclusive distributor for Juiced Rite’s commercial line of cold juicing presses.

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